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NARS "Striptease" Lip Gloss
Tuesday, September 13, 2011, 9:29 PM
named InStyle magazine's best lip gloss back in 2009, NARS' Striptease is truly a gorgeous nude colour from outside the tube... if not a little bit of a hot mess. while us darker or olive-based chicks can rock a beige or nude flecked lip as well as any other lovely lady, it's certainly a little more difficult to find the perfect shade that doesn't entirely wash our faces out. this colour is totally understated sex appeal and absolutely PERFECT on nearly every skin tone.

the formula feels simply amazing; unlike other nude lip products that i've found to be either overly sticky or extremely drying, NARS once again, hits the nail on the head with a smooth, silky feel straight from the applicator. even when applied over highly pigmented lips (ahem), the colour soaks right in for maximum coverage, glitter free. sadly though, overall i was left feeling mad disappointed. despite all of its charming points, NARS really dropped the ball regarding Striptease's scent and consistency.

typically it takes a lot for the smell of a lip product to seriously offend me. fake fruit, plasticy type whiffs and everyone's favourite medicinal cherry scents aren't quite deal breakers for me especially when the product is of otherwise superior quality. surprisingly in this case, it was bad enough that i actually made a run for sephora today to return it. (☆▽☆);;; imagine spoiled concealer, oily yogurt and the slight after-mist of an ominous fishy odor rolled into one saintly, dazzling $25 lip tube. while i wasn't able to snap a pic, around the top of the tube i could even spy a ring of separated mineral oil from the rest of the colour (you can faintly see this in the photo above, toward the cap). shaking, heating or rolling didn't budge this at all. note that i also snuck a peak at a few of the other tubes and it appeared that yes, this is the norm.

man did this make me sad. very. NARS' lip glosses are a few of my favourite and personally, i have no idea how this slipped past their quality control. naughty, naughty. i'll definitely be sticking with canmake's nudy glosses from now on.

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