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revlon ♡
Sunday, September 11, 2011, 12:31 AM

from l to r; colorburst, super lustrous & moon drops~

absolutely in ♥ w/revlon lipstick.  normally chanel or dior has my ♡ but seriously, revlon's gorgeous formulas and mad ridiculous line of shades is simply amazing for the price & availability. 

from l to r; ♥ #070 Soft Nude, #240 Sandalwood Beige, #613 Just Enough Buff, #120 Apricot Fantasy, #668 Primrose, #430 Softsilver Rose, #674 Coral Berry, #702 Blase Apricot & #704 Peach Silk.

their moon drops line (green tubes on the far light) are INCREDIBLY bright, pigmented & packs a punch to your face.  "blase apricot" ironically, is one of the flashiest corals i've ever seen while "peach silk" has a little less of a red undertone and more of a pink making it slightly more wearable for every day use at work or errands.  my favourite coral shade is definitely "coral berry" from their lustrous line as it's 101% appropriate for daily use & reminds me of that gorgeous orange-pink combo they use for the j.crew catalouge models ♥  their shades come in "creme" or "pearl" although even the creme shades still may have a shimmer or two depending on the colour.  i LOVE their nudes and neutrals to death.  "soft nude" is the only shade i've snagged from their colorburst collection & despite the very light, chalky colour, it feels lightweight, silky and applies smooth.

normally at wal-mart or target, their lustrous line is around $4-6 a pop while drugstores tend to charge a standard $8.99 or so.  however i would recommend checking swatches online as US drugstores don't have samples.  also, revlon's colour previews on their website & even the sticker at the bottom of the tubes are NOT accurate.  at all.  "blase apricot" is presented as a neutral, peach-brown but trust me, it's near fluorescent!  thankfully the caps have a little window but it's difficult to tell just by peeking in.... ♥

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