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maury show taping ♥
Tuesday, August 30, 2011, 11:00 PM

to celebrate my birthday last week, we finally went to see the maury show live (in person).  for those unfamiliar or not residing in the US, the maury show is the epitome of the american way: tons of random debauchery, ignorance and of course, lie detector/DNA test madness.  it's not so much an actual talk show as it is a circus-like madhouse of idiotic ranting and screaming.  sadly, it happens to be the highlight of my morning while getting ready for work every weekday (lol).

i ordered tickets a month or so for free in advance and received them about a week before the taping.  located in downtown Stamford, CT, its location was literally right off of I-95 so it was quite easy to find.  since the show was early friday morning, we rented a cheap motel room about nine minutes away for convenience sake.

despite reserving a seat, technically the tickets were still first come first serve, so we arrived around 8am (doors opened at about 9am).  thankfully we did leave early as there was already quite a line of 100+ people out the door!

after patiently waiting, we made it through the initial bag check/metal detectors & were seated in a waiting lounge with several flat screen tv's airing classic maury moments. ;;;

around 10:15 or so, we were led to the set's entrance and called in 50 at a time.  (charlie & i were numbers 140-141).  thankfully we actually made it in as afterward, we noticed a good number of people didn't make the cut.  charlie & i found great seats in the back so we could easily see everything around us. 

for those thinking about scoring free tickets, do know, this is NOT a quiet event to attend: before briefing the audience on proper behavior, they pumped us up with blazing club music, dancing and general rowdy fun. 

while it was glaringly obvious that the show is definitely meant to egg on & instigate the guests, i can 101% assure you, it's real.  oh my.  is it real.  despite the producers/directors having directional cards in hand to arouse anger in the more quiet guests, most of the people on the show were incredibly obnoxious/loud and generally.. insane.  (one woman was STILL yelling so loud back stage that she had to be escorted out.)  being in the audience also had its fair share of responsibilities: we were prepped beforehand on when exactly to stand, yell, cheer and boo.  however the excitement of being there was honestly enough for most of us to jump to our feet every 2.5 seconds. 

maury is exactly the same in person as on tv.  if not even more hilarious between guests.

sadly since we were a little behind schedule, there was no time for pictures with the audience as he usually does.

(can you find us?  HINT: next to the tallest guy in the room. lmao)

overall, it was an incredibly fun experience. ♥ i would honestly recommend it.. sure some consider the show sheer exploitation/trashiness, but as far as i'm considered, ya'all can keep your housewives/sex in the city/jersey shore & i'll hit up 800-MAURY anytime~  it was an unforgettable birthday!

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